Pricing and Session Information


Congratulations! Having a baby is the most exciting time of your life. Whether it is your first or subsequent baby, they are so innocent and so brand new, that life feels like it starts all over again for you. I have three children of my own, so I have been through our baby days. One thing I remember distinctly from that time is how many collective hours I sat there staring at our newborn. Watching every finger move with such breathtaking grace, watching all those beautiful and funny faces they pull, and of course taking in just how small this little person actually is, laying here in my arms. Those special moments of these tiny babies are gone in a heartbeat. It is my aim to capture these little moments in time for you to remember just how small and new they were.


15 x High Resolution Digital Images – $400


15 x High Resolution Digital Images – $400


Combine both the Maternity and Newborn packages for the special price of $700.



I like to photograph my lovely ladies around Week 36. This is at a time when your belly is wonderfully big but not too close to your due date so we do not risk missing the opportunity to photograph your belly bump, should your baby decide to come early.


The best time to have your baby’s session is around Day 7, and no later than Day 10, if possible. This is because they are very sleepy after birth and are much more inclined to be settled and willing to be photographed. Sometimes, unforeseen medical circumstances can delay the shoot, so we will work around any issues like that should they arise.

Please allow 3 hours for your baby’s shoot. The length of the shoot can vary depending upon how settled your baby is that day. Further preparation information will be sent to you prior to your shoot.

There is no need to bring special clothing for your baby’s shoot as I provide all the necessary styling.

Please do not feel pressured to have photos with your baby if you wish not to. Some parents wish only for their baby to be photographed. You are entitled to a 3 hour session regardless of whether you are in it or not. Let me know if you are wanting photos only of your baby, or if you would like images of yourself and your partner with them, as it will help me plan your session better.



(Suitable for Singles, Couples, Families, Save-the-Date Cards, Birth Announcements, Invitations, Formals, Model Port Folio, or People on a Budget)

5 x High Resolution Digital Images  – $250


(Suitable for Singles, Couples, Families [up to 5 members])

15 x High Resolution Digital Images  –   $400


(Suitable for Larger and Extended Families, or for those who would like more images in their package)

25 x High Resolution Digital Images  –  $600


All my packages are digital packages. I understand we live in a digital world nowadays and sometimes my clients are only interested in digital images for electronic use. Unlike some other photographers, I am okay with that. Not everyone wants images on their walls, or for other reasons, are not able to hang images on their walls. The most important goal is photographing your brand new baby in the first week of life before the time races away.

I am able to arrange professional printing of your selected images as prints, canvases or mini albums, for an additional cost. Please ask for my Print Price Guide if you are interested in prints.

I will give you access to a private gallery of images to choose your final images from in accordance with your package. If you wish to purchase extra images outside the package allowance, the following costs apply:

  • $30 per high resolution digital file for 1-4 images; or
  • $20 per high resolution digital file for 5 or more images

Images are provided as jpeg files, both in High Resolution (no watermarks) and Low Resolution (with watermarks).


I will send you a no-obligation quote for your chosen session that also sets out more detailed information about your shoot. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required within 14 days of confirming your booking date – this will secure your session with me, and cover the cost of the session. The remainder of the fee is to be paid prior to or on the day of the shoot, unless a Payment Plan* is in place.

Your session cannot go ahead until your deposit has been paid.


It is just as important to have your images printed professionally as it is to have them taken professionally.  I aim to make sure the prints that end up in your home are of the highest quality possible. I use only the best professional photographic print lab in south-east Queensland to ensure your prints are of professional quality and printed in true colour and true lighting.

If you choose to have your prints and canvasses done at a public print kiosk, please be aware their software will apply autocorrecting to lighting and colours and will therefore compromise the quality of your prints, therefore compromising the quality of my professionally edited images.  Your prints will not look the same as they do on your screen and you may be disappointed. These kiosks are for general public use, they should not be used for professional images. I do encourage you to order your prints through me, however I like to give you the flexibility of making your own choice, after very careful consideration of what I have outlined here.

The differences you see between print kiosks are also a challenge in today’s society with the broad range of screens we have available to view images on. As a professional photographer, I have a fully colour calibrated monitor that I edit your images on. This can mean my images viewed on other uncalibrated screens (mobile phones, tablets, home computers, televisions) may appear different in colour and lighting. This is an unavoidable situation, however I always like to make my clients aware of this.


My newborn session makes for the perfect Baby Shower Gift! I could think of no better gift to give an expectant mother – stylised images of her brand new baby. Please contact me for information about my Baby Shower Gift Certificate.


When it comes to having babies, I understand finances can be challenging. This is why I have a simple, interest-free Payment Plan available for you. My Payment Plan can be used on all my sessions. Do not hesitate to ask me about this and I will send you further information.

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